Our Services

Phone Repairs

We cover all phones repairs from 

  • Replacing screens, batteries and many other Parts on most models of phones
  • Data recovery 
  • Assisting people on how to use their Phone,
  • Transferring Data from one phone to another. 

Computer Repairs

We are available to consult with you on the best way to help get your desktop PC, laptop or server back up and Running 

  • Check For System Errors
  • Replacing Battery and Cords 
  • Buying a New or Refurbished Computer

Data Recovery

We will work with you to see possible of what data can be recovered off the device.

  • Helping you work out the best plan of attack moving forward on how to get the most out of recovering your data from a Issued/Corrupted Computer or Device,   

Up & coming services

Self Serve Photo Printing

Self Serve Photo Printing

We are currently in the process on setting up the Photo kiosk, 

Where Customer can come in store and book their photo in to be printed, 

We are testing to make sure that the equipment and software will be easy to use, 

looking at what's the best price per photo, and a lot of other fine details    

Console Update


We are Looking at what a fair price to update Gaming Consoles are  

Day Pass of $40 to download Console update/ games or install games, 

And Regular Customer to the shop will get it at discount price